Fall Fragrances

It’s not quite “Baby, it’s cold outside” time, but the leaves are starting to change colors and those cardigans and shawls are slowly but surely regaining their spots at the center of your closet. And, as you move into a new season, you’re probably on the hunt for a new scent — maybe it’s a new release like Miss Pucci or a slightly older scent like Bond No. 9’s High Line, which will make every fall day feel like a trip to a secret garden.

Whether you want a burlesque-flavored experience, a confident and gender-bending fragrance, a mysterious woody treat, or a youthful floral bouquet, heres’s a look at some great options for fall!

1. Pucci Miss Pucci (pictured above)
Pucci Miss Pucci Eau de Parfum, $74 for 1.7 oz. and $89 for 3.4 oz. Available at

Kaleidoscopic, swirling ribbons of magenta pink, lilac purple and soft  coral along the Miss Pucci fragrance’s rounded core speak to the vibrant patterns we’ve come to associate with the Pucci brand — and, the way those retro patterns interplay with the sleek, futuristic, silver-colored bottle shape mirror the manner in which Pucci has adapted to modern times, constantly reinventing its image while remaining true to its roots.

Similarly, the Miss Pucci fragrance seeks to blend together the femininity of florals with the mysterious quality of woody and musky notes. Poised magnolia is matched with Sicilian winter lemon for a sparkling but elegant opening, leading the way for the Turkish rose and ylang-ylang heart, which is grounded by base notes of Texas cedar, iris, and white musk.

Though far from original or distinctive, Miss Pucci does pack plenty of commercial appeal — particularly given the spicy floral Turkish rose ad ylang-ylang heart, which most women will find accessible.

2. Bond No. 9 High Line

Bond No. 9 High Line Eau de Parfum, $145 for 50ml and $220 for 100ml. Available at BondNo9.com

We call New York an urban jungle, but the truth is that, aside from Central Park, there are few areas where Manhattanites can encounter expanses of greenery, set up a picnic, or just stretch out under a tree. Fortunately, the Friends of the High Line conservancy has been toiling away to erect something way more useful to us, more beneficial to our way of life, than the billboards, skyscrapers, and multiplexes consistently sprouting up. More than one tree is growing up in NYC: in fact, it’s a one a mile-and-a-half long, elevated park stretching along Manhattan’s West Side Highway.

In homage to the High Line park, Bond No. 9 released a grassy fragrance this spring that it literally has an evergreen option (no pun intended). Though it has a heart of red leaf rose, Lady Jane tulips and grape hyacinth, the top notes of purple love grass (a dry weed that grows mainly in the Southeast), Indian rhubarb (which grows along riverbanks), along with the base bur oak note, create a fresh, green scent reminiscent of fresh-cut grass. If you like the smell of a freshly planted garden, you’ll love this offering.

3. Stella McCartney Stella Sheer

Stella McCartney Parfums Stella Sheer Eau de Toilette Spray, $62 for 3.3 oz. Available at Sephora.com

In 2003, designer Stella McCartney launched her eponymous debut scent Stella, an ode to the beauty and lushness of the rose. The following year, she unveiled a lighter, slightly more powdery version of the scent, Stella Sheer, for those customers who found the original scent a bit too strong or severe. Every year since, a new, limited edition rendition of the Stella Sheer scent has been unveiled, each with slightly different notes and compositions.

Though my favorite Stella Sheer fragrance continues to be the 2006 edition (the first to introduce juicy green apple and lemon top notes), the 2010 version of Stella Sheer does have some noteworthy qualities. For one, the fragrance is yet another example of McCartney’s environmental commitment — she reportedly purchased an entire organic rose harvest in order to produce the scent.

In terms of notes, the Stella Sheer 2010 also opens with green apple, frosted lemon and Bulgarian rose, but aside from the signature heart of celestial rose and rose absolute, consumers will detect that new Iranian organic rose note, which lends the scent a fresh-from-the-earth type of feel that’s quite distinct— and, of course, an amber note continues to ground the floral scent. This year’s bottle, a watercolor-esque rendition of a gray and light peach rose bloom, was designed by British painted Philip Jones.

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