Parlour Picks: September’s Must-Have Music

September is always a big month for music releases and this year is no different. Here are our Parlour picks for the albums you need to go BUY (downloading is for suckas) right now:

Bilal | Airtight’s Revenge | Out Now

While I’m admittedly not a huge Bilal fan, I’ve always loved his voice and his quirky personality. But this Airtight’s Revenge album is honestly beautiful, bowling over die-hard fans and johnny come lately’s, like myself, with slightly alternative beats and jarring lyrics that make you sing-a-long before you realize what you’re doing. –HC (co-sign! SW)

Parlour picks: “Think It Over,” “Little One”

UNKLE | The Answer | Out Now

Every time I listen to UNKLE I think of college when trip-hop was king and I just knew I was really meant to roam the streets of Brixton, pair up with a producer and be “emotional.” I quickly got over that, but continued to love this duo’s broody instrumentals and collaborations who’s EP The Answer dropped this month. – SW

Parlour picks: “The Runaway” featuring Lupe Fiasco

Ski Beatz | 24 Hour Karate School | 9/21

This album has been “coming soon” for so long that some were beginning to place it in that Dr. Dre-Detox ‘yeah, umhmm, right’ category of hip-hop releases. Lucky for us, producer Ski Beatz is finally releasing the full album after dropping his Mos Def collaboration “Taxi” last year. Backed by Dame Dash’s Creative Control/DD172,  24 Hour also features Curen$y, Stalley, Tabi Bonney, The Cool Kids, Jean Gray, Wiz Khalifa, and… well just peep the tracklist. – SW

Robyn | Body Talk Pt. 2 | Out Now

Can someone please explain to me why Robyn gets so little love in the US compared to the rest of the world. Hopefully some of you Parlouristas caught her while she was touring with Kelis this summer. Earlier this month, the Swedish singer released Body Talk Pt. 2 and pretty much gave us a few smart-girl electro-pop anthems for the fall. Try to cop Body Talk Pt. 1, which she released earlier this year too. – SW

Parlour picks: “Love Kills,” “Criminal Intent.”

Black Milk | Album of the Year | Out Now

Outside of being totally adorable, Black Milk is touted by many as the second coming of the late producer Jay Dilla. While the young Detroit native doesn’t allow the hype to go to his head, he does continue to craft serious beats that keep me buying his work. –HC

Parlour picks: The whole thing. 

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