Bilal Releases ‘Restart’ Clip

We love Bilal around these parts, and his new video for “Restart” is no different.

From his crazy performance ethos (maybe he’ll perform with his back to the crowd, maybe not…) to his incomparable voice, his new album Airtight’s Revenge has been our soundtrack for the beginning of fall. This morning the alternative-cum-R&B singer dropped a new video for “Restart” from his latest album.

Beginning with distorted images that appear to be a dream gone awry, Bilal is shown in two scenes: singing in a pair of black sunglasses on stage and walking down the street warily with women wearing masks, including cat faces. Nervous. As the the lyrics continue, the feline costumed chicks begin chasing the singer down an alley.

“Have we come too far to start again/You know I’ve lost my whole direction but it’s you that I want,” says Bilal. “Traveled the world and had my fun, but at the end of the day I still feel lost without you in my world. Have we come too far to turn it all back around?”

Eventually Bilal is caught by the masked avengers and loaded into a limo. He’s taken to a secret location where he’s stripped of his clothes and essentially mauled by the masked crew.


From this clip, I’d say we’ve learned to realize who you love and respect them while you’re still in the relationship so you don’t have to look back and wish. Thoughts?

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