Chilean Miner Rescue, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Order + More

It’s happening! The Chilean miners are being rescued and the entire world is watching. But seriously, i’m waiting to see what will happen when the miner whose wife…and mistress are present, comes up for air. Yonni Barrio is totally taking his time. Says NYMag:

…while waiting for trapped miner Yonni Barrios, his wife Marta Salinas made an unpleasant discovery: Barrios’s mistress, Susanna Valanzuela, was also hanging around the mine site waiting to see her man, the same man, surface. “This woman has no legitimacy!” hissed Salinas. “We are in love!” replied Valenzuela. “I’ll wait for him!

Seriously, Parlour is super happy to see them getting rescued, and we are grabbing popcorn. [CNN]

Yes! A US judge has ordered the military to cease with it’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for lgbt soldiers. The government has 60 days to file an appeal, let’s see what happens. Seeing how we are still in 2 wars right now, I suspect that this is the last thing on the mind of most troops, but great step nonetheless. [NYT]

In Mexico, a police chief who was investigating the disappearance of a US man was killed. [BBC]

Recently, legendary soul singer Solomon Burke passed away, check out one of his last interviews. [RS]

When we say “buy gold” we don’t mean necklaces. Gold bars are fastly becoming the new insurance for those who can afford it. [Reuters]

Remember the death of Alexander Litvinenko? He was the Russian dissident who died a slow, agonozing death by a “designer” poisoning. The man responsible for his death, Andrei Lugovoi, has basically flipped off the UK, where he is to stand trial:

Today, Andrei Lugovoi said it was time for Britain to “move on” from Litvinenko’s agonising death four years ago, and to drop attempts to extradite him to the UK. Speaking before William Hague‘s arrival in Russia, on his first visit to Moscow as foreign secretary, Lugovoi said he would never travel to Britain to stand trial. “The British press has trampled on my reputation. My family and I have suffered great unpleasantness. I’m not going to compromise. The only trial I’ll accept is one in Russia.

Ok. Now it’s the UK’s turn. [Guardian]

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