Electric Wire Hustles The Goodness

Next week if you see any of us on the street, just ignore the bags under our eyes, ponytails and blank stares. It’s CMJ week here in New York City, which great for us music lovers, but hard on our feet as there literally are hundreds of bands playing, at the same time, for a week straight. One group that i’m rearranging things around for to see is hip-hop/soul/jazz unit Electric Wire Hustle out of New Zealand. Since forming in 2007 and releasing their debut self-titled album on BBE, their ‘future soul’ tracks have invaded the play-lists of cool kids everywhere. It also doesn’t hurt that their singer gives us Marvin Gaye good feelings. Check out why they stay on rotation in Parlour world after the jump. Good weekend ladies!

Electric Wire Hustle, “Chaser”


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