Lady Gaga on The Sartorialist, Sings with Yoko Ono

Rumor has it that this picture appeared on The Sartorialist years before Stefani Germanotta became the artist we now know as Lady Gaga. Apparently, she was in New York’s Meatpacking District with Mama Gaga (her mother) and a photographer asked to take her photo. When he asked for her name she said, “Lady GaGa, singer/songwriter, you’ll be hearing of me in the future!” or something along those lines. The photographer-at the time- had to stop himself from laughing.

Now tell me, who is laughing?

Recently, Gaga joined the iconic Yoko Ono on stage for two songs with band the Plastic Ono in Los Angeles.

“Thanks for being so brilliant and such an inspiration to so many women,” said Gaga to Ono, according to the BBC.

The pair ended the evening lying next to each other on the top of a grand piano.

John Lennon, Ono’s late husband, founded the Plastic Ono Band in 1969 and now their son Sean Lennon is now the musical director. The concert occurred just before October 9, which would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday. Ono is planning a series of peace-promoting events in Iceland to celebrate the birth of her partner and will light the Imagine Peace Tower, which she does annually. The tower, near Reykjavik, was unveiled in 2007 as a memorial.

“I dedicate this light tower to John Lennon, my love for you is forever, Yoko Ono,” reads the statue.

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