Malene Younglao: The Fame Game

There’s a difference between being famous and credible. The end result may be the same… being renowned, but there is a fine line between being known for mastering a specific skill or talent and being known for, well, not doing anything at all.

We live in the era of the talentless celebrity. Anyone can become a household name for nothing more than being in front of a camera at the right time. I am at the point in my career where I have to be out “on the scene” all the time. From red carpets to photographs beside the who’s who and rubbing elbows with those who are considered to be the cat’s meow, I’m working to increase my cache.

Those who know me, know I am a introverted extrovert. Despite my inherent shyness, I breathe to rock stages. My motivation is creation and the megalomania associated with artistry drives me to leave my mark on the world. I love to be adored by fans and lovers alike but I can do without all of the other shit that comes with it. Though it’s a necessary evil in this business, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I must foster relationships with folks who I may not have anything in common with solely for the purpose of advancing my career. Whenever conversations come up among my team regarding who I should date or befriend in order to propel us forward, it’s unsettling. I mean, shouldn’t I date someone who I genuinely like and befriend people based on the fact that we actually have things in common?

What happened to being known and loved because I’m damn good at what I do?

The relationships I have are real. When I connect with someone it’s because I have truly bonded with that individual without any ulterior motives. Fortunately for me the people who I have deep bonds with are also pretty fucking amazing. I always say that the Creator has a sense of humor because we go through life never being able to truly see ourselves. The only way one can truly assess who he or she is and how he or she effects the world is by looking at the folks around them. Each of them make up a part of who you are. Therefore, I allow all my relationships to happen organically so I can get a clear view of who I am based on who I attract.

Obviously, I want to be credible and known for being an amazing singer songwriter. On my tombstone I want the epitaph to read “Here lies Malene Younglao, She left her mark and the world is better for it.

Who is credible, though?

Einstein, Coltrane, John Lennon, Gordon Parks, Basquiat all are and each are wildly known and adored by the masses. These men possessed the ability to touch the world with their genius and this is my goal. Fame isn’t as appealing. My ego will not allow me to be satisfied with being known by the masses just for the sake of being known. What is the point?

I admire artists who have been able to circumvent the “see me for seeings sake” aspect of entertainment and still have risen to the top due to their undeniably. Sade rarely is seen but whenever she drops an album the world hungrily seeks it out because of her sheer genius and sincerity.

So tomorrow I head off to yet another red carpet to schmooze and be seen. I can accept this because I do it to introduce myself to a world who knows nothing of me. It is one tool we can use to create a platform where my music can be heard and I’m given a stage to show the world all the good stuff I’m made of. But, to be clear, my goal is not to be famous. I want you to see me say ‘Hey! I have something of value, a gift that lives in my soul that I would like to share with you. I hope that you embrace me with open arms.’

– Miss America

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