The Mean Girls of Morehouse + More

Yesterday, if you were online at all you probably heard about a VIBE article that is still stirring countless commenter, op-ed and twitter debates in the Black collegiate community: The Mean Girls of Morehouse, beautifully written by our girl, Aliya S. King.

“Morehouse wasn’t ready for me,” says Diamond, who has the word “unbreakable” tattooed on his collarbone and the acronym C.R.E.A.M (“Cash Rules Everything Around Me” coined by rap group Wu Tang Clan) wrapped around his right wrist. “I’m about freedom of expression. I’m about being whomever you truly are inside. I came to Morehouse because of all the historical leaders that attended and impacted the world so heavily. You know, I really wanted to follow in their footsteps. I don’t think Morehouse believes that someone like me—someone who wears heels and dresses—can uphold that reputation. But they’re wrong.” Catch up with the madness here…  [Creative Loafing]

French women don’t get fat….but they don’t get the same respect in the workplace as the rest of the world. So there. I’m eating pancakes today. [NYT]

Chile’s 33 trapped miners, who have been underground for over 2 months are finally set to escape, and then (if it was me) call a lawyer. Rescues will probably be televised and we will be crying watching. [Reuters]

In London, the debate over tuition fees continues to rage. It all makes sense, the rich should not pay less money than the poor for school (sans scholarships). [Guardian]

In the Brasilian presidential run-off, abortion is a major deciding factor and positions are being made. We are team Dilma, but Marina had better commercials.  [Merco]

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