Rita Indiana y Los Misterios Drops El Juidero

After much anticipation, Rita Indiana has finally dropped her debut album with her band, Los Misterios, El Juidero, to the joy of cool kids in her native Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican home-base and abroad. I haven’t listened yet, but have been a fan after seeing her video for “La Hora de Volver” earlier this year. Blending pop, merengue, reggae, hip-hop with an electro edge, Rita is a former model who still moonlights as a screenwriter and novelist while commanding her 5-piece band complete with awesomely memorable back-up dancers and a sultry alto. Like her New York City sistren Maluca, Rita represents a new direction of fresh Latin music that is innovative, accessible and fronted by strong, modern women. Even if Spanish isn’t your first language, I dare you to stand still once she comes on.

Peep the Pulp Fiction tinged first video from her new album and more from Rita below.

El Judiero, directed by Noelia Quintero Herencia

La Hora de Volver

El Blu del Ping Pong, live

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

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