Vintage Cover Love: The World Is A Ghetto

Ft. Meade, Maryland. 1980-something

My mom had the sickest collection of records. On Saturdays, after cartoons and Soul Train were over, I would pull out her records and flip through the covers for ones to hang up in my room. Back then, I didn’t know that I would eventually have a career in art, but I knew that I wanted it around me, leading to my room looking like a gallery of albums at an early age—in addition to the prerequisite yellow-sweater Michael Jackson poster. Back then, one of my favorites was the cover for WAR’s The World Is A Ghetto (1972).

The cover illustration by Howard Miller still rings true in it’s meaning today, just replace the Rolls with an Escalade and ‘Joe’s Burgers’ with In-And-Out. Musically, the album itself is a classic, featuring WAR hits such as “Cisco Kid,” “The World Is A Ghetto” and the inspiration for our recent shoot with Big K.R.I.T. “City, Country, City.”

Parlouristas, what are some of your favorite vintage covers?

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