Vintage Mobile with Moshi Moshi

What: Moshi Moshi Cellphone & VOIP Handset, $30/$60

Who: David Turpin/Native Union

Where: A+R

Why: Like many of us, I have only have a cell phone. After a year with a Blackberry & iPhone I never saw the need to add another number to my collection, but who really likes to talk in a cell-phone? It’s uncomfortable after awhile, and the idea of having constant radiation next to my brain isn’t sexy,  and headphones can get weird after some time, so I’m flipping out a little over this Moshi Moshi cellphone handset. Perfect for conference calls, interviews, or parental calls that turn into conference calls the handset is comfy, and it can block up to 95% of potentially harmful radiation that our beloved mobiles can give-off. It also can connect to your laptop for VOIP calls so if you Skype much, it’s perfect for long distance catch-ups. But really, it’s vintage fresh so i just want it, and for the price it’s a cool gift for the holidays.

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