Beyonce’s ‘I Am World Tour’ aka The New Skinny

Herein lies the trailer for the greatest DVD release of the 21st century. That’s a little dramatic, but the extended trailer for Beyonce’s tour DVD, “I Am…Word Tour” does make me really, really giddy. I know we don’t obsess about Bey as much as some other sites, but that doesn’t mean that Steely and I haven’t re-enacted her dance routines in front of the television. It’s like an extended aerobic session with elaborate outfit changes, make-up, martinis and glitter! Perfect for those days when the gym isn’t possible, but dancing in your pj’s is doable. Behind-the-scenes action and Jay cameos don’t hurt the experience either. Maybe this could be the younger generation’s “Truth or Dare?” See for yourself when it airs on television Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th) night at 9:30 on ABC. In the meanwhile, peep the full trailer below…and don’t forget to dance:

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