Brasil Elects First Female President

One of the best time to go to any country is during it’s election period. From the variety of campaign signs and television ads, to the debates, the government dog & pony shows combined with newspaper articles and street-corner debates give you a raw look at what happens when you step out of the hotel. This summer, I found myself in Sao Paulo Brasil for about a month during it’s presidential election, and it was all about Dilma. Fast forward another month and Dilma Rousseff has been elected as Brasil’s first women president – go team ovaries! Listening in to a few dinner-table chats about her I concluded that she wasn’t the best in strictly in terms of qualifications, but her backing and campaigning by popular former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (shown above right) was her ticket into office. Having voted for President Obama, whose experience was also questioned, i’m optimistic about Rousseff. One of the best quoted to sum up what I witnessed in Brasil can be found in today’s New York Times:

“Voters who supported her in São Paulo, where Mr. Serra won, said Sunday that they were willing to look past her lack of experience. “If it were only about experience I would never vote for her,” said Denilson Quintino, 43, an electrician. “But she has a good team behind her. Today the country is much better off because of the Lula government. He did more for me than any other president.”

Hopefully, her skills, combined with her team will continue to strengthen Brasil’s growing influence in oil, energy and finance, as well as influence millions of little girls with political and social ambitions. On a global level, is now the fourth female leader elected within the past few year, a trend that we all would like to see continue. Besides, Dilma is a grandmother….and grandmas rock. Congrats!

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