Is Jessie J. the UK’s Latest Invasion?

We’ve had a pretty good track record with our UK sistren selects, having been one of the first to co-sign both Duffy and Adele back in 2008. Seeing now that Amy Winehouse is getting boob-jobs and wasted in pubs, we’ve got our eyes set on Essex’s Jessie J in terms of who’s next after hearing her track “Do It Like A Dude” a few weeks back.

The singer/songwriter has already penned for Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown—not to mention, Justin Timberlake calling you “the best singer in the world” certainly helps—but as Jessie visits the US this month, only time will tell if her pop-tinged b-girl style will break through the Gaga and Taylor Swift clutter. On a personal note, her lifelong struggle with her heart and suffering a minor stroke at 18 years-old must be a source of drive and confidence for her.

“I’m not just an artist, I’m a therapist, and that’s pressure, but it’s what the world needs right now,” Jessie J told England’s The Guardian.

Her first US single and debut album Who You Are is set to drop soon on Lava/Universal records. See for yourself below ladies!

“Who You Are” Trailer

Jessie singing “Mama Knows Best”

“Do It Like A Dude” Acoustic Session (Sorry Ciara, this slaughters “Like A Boy”)

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