Newsbites: Men & Face vs. Body, Lil Wayne’s First Look, Race Killings in Sweden & More

Hey single ladies, here is some science for you. A recent study has shown that men tend to look at women’s bodies when they are interested in more short-term relationships, and women’s faces for long-term thinkers. [NYT]

Lil Wayne made his first on-stage appearance post-Rikers with Drake in Las Vegas over the weekend. Clearly he was lifting in the yard, welcome home! [WSHH]

In Sweden, a suspect has been arrested for the murders and attempted-murders of immigrants in the city of Malmo. [BBC]

How food influences your mood. A good explanation on why we looooooove chocolate so much in Parlourland. [LAT]

So now we know that Kanye didn’t take my advice on his album covers. Womp. [Pitchfork]

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