M.I.A. Confuses Us Sometimes Too

Across the pond, the Guardian’s Decca Aitkenhead interviewed M.I.A and basically stated what I think New York Times writer Lynne Hirshberg meant to say in her earlier slightly awesome brutal feature about the singer here:

“Frank Zappa once said that most rock journalism involves “people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read”. I think I begin to see what he meant after spending an entertaining hour with MIA. The singer is perfectly beguiling, but quite baffling, and I leave wondering what on earth she has been talking about, how on earth I am going to write it up, and whether any reader will ever manage to make sense of it.”

Yup! Well then, now you have to read the rest of the article which ends with what quite possibly be the best explanation from the singer about her approach and criticisms thus far:

“I don’t know why it’s not a celebratory thing, the fact that I just know about a lot of fucking shit. That’s all. Yeah so I know how billionaires live in America, and I know how poor people live in Sri Lanka, and I know how soldiers are, and I know what it feels like for your dad to throw hand grenades out of your bedroom window, I just know that. I’m not going to be able to change any of those things, and ultimately I believe in creativity. You get out what you put in, and it’s not like I only put one thing in.”

read: MIA: ‘People forgot what it’s like to be punk’ {The Guardian}

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