NewsBites: A Hard Look At Kanye, Four Loko Unsafe, Hostages Freed In Nigeria, Sarah Hallucinates & More…

“Even his consistent success — 14 Grammy Awards, four platinum albums and more — has done little to change his public image. He’s certainly the only rapper to be insulted by two presidents — President Obama took a swipe at him after he bum-rushed Taylor Swift at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.”

The New York Times Jon Caramanica takes a critical looks at Kanye West’s lows, his and how they all inform the man we love to jam to. {NYT}

In China, beach volleyball players from Yemen are blaming their defeat not on poor performance, but on the cheerleaders. Obviously they have never played in the NFL…those girls are snazzy. {Tele}

Nigerian troops have rescued 19 hostages being held in the Niger Delta by Nigerian militants after they were captured earlier this month. {BBC}

Not surprisingly, Sarah Palin is thinking to run for president again…and she thinks she can beat Obama. {ABC}

The FDA has confirmed what we already told you. Four Loko can kill you. {CNN}

In South Florida, just stay away from the bank. ATMs are your best bet. {MH}

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