NewsBites: Fela! Under Fire, Wiz Khalifa Arrested, Fire Suicides In Afghanistan, Rocket Melt & More

The successful production of the “Fela!” Broadway musical is under threat by a new lawsuit filed by Fela Kuti autobiographer Charles Moore over the use of his work. {WP}

Wiz Khalifa was arrested at East Carolina University last night, and while we don’t know why – there is a video, and the crowd commentary is hilarious. I’m waiting on the “Free Wiz” t-shirts to hit the blogs by 3pm.  {NR}

In Afghanistan, some women are taking truly desperate measures to escape their lives. Suicide by fire. {NYT}

Have you seen the new Rocket Melt web browser? It’s a little like Firefox and Hootsuite had a baby. {Reuters}

Britain’s M15, their counterpart to the CIA is looking for a few good women. {Guard}

In the US, Verizon is smartening up by testing a new $70/month promotion to rival Sprint’s popular unlimited plan. {Elec}

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