NewsBites: Google Gets Style, Midwives On The Rise & More…

Google is invading the world of fashion today with their newest site, which launched this morning. Essentially its the best looking search engine for style we’ve seen.. {Boutiques}

Here in the US, House Representative Charles Rangel of New York was found guilty of 11 ethics violations. {NYT}

The band Wild Flag, comprised of original member from Helium, the Minders, and (yes!) Sleater Kinney are finally performing. Rock out with the girls in a city near you. {Pitchfork}

R&B singer Miguel, responsible for this summer’s tune “A I Want Is You” used to be in a freak show and had an extra arm. Really! {LAT}

Are you a midwife or studying to be one and worried about employment? Move to the UK now. {Guard}

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