NewsBites: Pirate Court, Pilot Talk 2, Pat Downs & More

For the first time in almost 200 years, a piracy case involving five Somali pirates will take place in the U.S. And no, Jack Sparrow won’t be there. {LAT}

The Vatican is moving to clear up the “condom ban” which has been imposed by the pope in Africa last year after HIV activists and most people around the world collectively balked at his remarks. {Guardian}

Brasilian authorities have cracked a major drug ring, which spread from Brasil, to Bolivia and all the way to Africa and Italy. {BBC}

Here in the U.S., the holiday travel season has many on edge, not because of the rush but the fact that you may be patted down in the airport. {CNN}

Hey! Our fave, Curren$y, drops Pilot Talk 2 today. {iTunes}

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