NewsBites: Wayne Is Free, Hong-Kong Surprise, Cuban Air Tragedy & Happy Meals

Get this. A Hong-Kong man boarded an Air Canada flight fully disguised as an elderly man, only to go to the bathroom on the plane and emerge as a young man in his 20’s, claiming refugee protection. Yes, read that again and check out the disguise (above), which is kinda great. [CNN]

Meanwhile, while there are still hundreds of thousands of innocent people sitting in prisons around the world, rapper Lil’ Wayne is officially free. Confetti! [MTV]

Doctors in England and currently undergoing research surrounding how women can have better births. [Guardian]

In Cuba, an Aero-Caribbean flight, bound for Havana from Santiago de Cuba (eastern part of the island) crashed this morning, killing all 68 aboard. [LAT]

In San Francisco, legislators have passed a law banning the inclusion of toys in high-fat/unhealthy meals for kids. Basically, the Happy Meal isn’t so happy anymore. [NYT]

I’m back ladies! Sorry, mamma had to make some $$$

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