Seu Jorge & The Model

Earlier this month, we showed you the first part of Seu Jorge’s (w/ Almaz) newest video for “The Model” directed Kahlil Joseph. Refresh yourself here. For part two, IFC Films has debuted “The Model: Oshun and The Dream” in which Seu plays a character called Marcello, who is enchanted by the a woman in his dreams. Like his music, both films are hazy, dreamy looks into what could be the perfect fantasy. Check out the video below, plus an interview with Seu and IFC:

In “The Model” Marcello is obsessed by a woman in his dreams, tell me about her and her hold on him.

Actually I can’t even tell if she’s a model. She looks like a supernatural divinity who does not come from our planet. She’s like a spirit incarnate, in a woman’s body — a really seductive one.

Do you have any recurring dreams like that in real life?

I must say I don’t have any recurring dreams like that. My dreams come to me, leave me a personal message and then just go away.

You play a man of extreme cool, heavily relaxed. How much Jorge Mário da Silva is in that character? And if that does capture your real inner cool, as we’ve seen elsewhere from you, what gets you excitable, unhinged?

I think I’m definitely a cool and relaxed person. I’ve been through so many difficulties in my life that it’s really difficult to find something that could make me crazy, apart from injustice and cowardliness. The only thing that preoccupies me is the wellness of my daughters and nephews because they are the new generation and I want them to live in peace and harmony.

I dig the good feeling of community and family that comes through in this short film. You’re very much associated with your humble beginnings with your role in “City of God,” and actually growing up in a favela in Rio. Not to suggest you have any thoughts of abandoning your roots, but do you ever see yourself living the high life in the Hollywood Hills?

Of course I do! And I will quote Joãozinho Trinta, a very famous Brazilian carnavalesco [carnival show producer]: “The ones who like poverty are the intellectuals; the poor like luxury and wealth.”

Read the rest over at IFC.

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