Wool Coats For Fall Days: The Shop

With the winds literally kicking our butts here in New York, it’s time to get used to the fact that fall is in full-effect and winter is right around the corner. While it may not be time to break out the North Face/Puffy jacket yet, a good wool coat just may be what you need to keep the wind and leaves at bay. Actually, make that a nice whiskey, a winter boo and a good wool coat. Here are some of my Parlour faves below:

Above – left: IVET Belted Coat | $430 | Soia & Kyo right: HONEY Wool Blend Coat | $398 | Anthropologie

left: ERNO Wool Coat | $368 | French Connection right: CELESTE Belted Wool Coat | $144 | wesc

left: MIA A-line Wool Coat | $370 | Soia & Kyo right: L’ALASKA Wool Coat | $568 | Les Prairies De Paris

left: SPY Sophisticate Coat | $210 | Mod Cloth right: OASIS Wool Mix Check Ruffle Back Coat | $207 | ASOS

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