Vintage Print: Noxema’s Black Beauty


I love advertising. Not just because it’s what pays the bills, but as someone who creates campaigns, it’s good to look at the past to get ideas for the future. This ad by Noxema, which appeared in Ebony Magazine, uses the diversity of Black women as it’s selling point. Simple, sweet and strong. So while I’m not a Noxema user (anymore), it’s good to know that not all brands played into the Brown Paper Bag rule back then.

Year: 1969

Brand: Noxema

Headline: “If the girls with the most beautiful skin in the world was with noxema…why shouldn’t you”

Copy: These are the girls of Black Beauty—New York’s newest model agency. They weren’t born models. Every girl learned how to coax every lash, every pore into being its most beautiful. Shouldn’t you share the beauty routine that helps make their skin so flawless?

Was with Noxema, as they do, instead of soap. Noxema softens as it clean. Fights dryness. Rinses clean. Medicates to help clear surface blemishes with an exhilarating tingle.

What a way to wash! What a way for girls to look and feel sensational!

My only gripe is the obvious manipulation of all of the model’s eyes to light brown/hazel, etc. Don’t you want to join the Black Beauty Agency?

Feel beautiful today ladies.

I will be digging into my archive regularly from now on, look out for another one very soon! – xoxo Shann

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