Wynter Gordon on New EP, Her Style, Competition and Working with Chris Brown

Wynter Gordon’s already topped Billboard‘s dance charts with her David Guetta-produced single “Dirty Talk” but chances are you know her voice but not her name.

Hopefully that’s about to change as Wynter sets her own course to pop stardom. The singer-songwriter’s slowly built a devoted international fan base since signing with Atlantic Records four years ago, and also boasts writing credits for Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez. With the release of her new EP The First Dance, this bubbly British born-New York bred woman is ready to take her place amongst club divas like Robyn, Sia, Gaga and Kelis. I recently caught up with Wynter in New York at the appropriately-named Polar Lounge to talk confidence, collaborations and of course, clothes:

On her sound and competition…
“I’m doing my own thing, right here right now. Whether I sell one or two records, my voice is unique. I write all of my music, I’m sitting there and I’m a part of every bit of it. So you know what? Rihanna may top the chart today, but I can top the charts tomorrow. It’s just me, and my music is good. I don’t care about anybody else, I don’t see anybody else.

I’m not hating at all. I do love other artists, I’m a big supporter of music. You can’t be afraid as an artist like “Oh my god, there are so many people better than me, or have my money than me.” If I felt like that, I wouldn’t make it anywhere.”

On her style, and style influences…
“I really do love Gwen Stefani, both old and new. But I really have to thank my mother. We didn’t have a lot of money, so I grew up all thrift. I was working $2 bins when I was in the third grade! So that’s what I do now, I’m at the thrift stores, the vintage stores. I see little pieces that have personality and flair and that’s what I pick up. I make them my own. You’ve gotta do it—especially new artists that don’t have a lot of money. I love my vintage style, it’s what I’ve been about for the last five years.”

On what’s next….
“I just did a song with Chris Brown and Tyga. They hit me up on Twitter and asked me to do the song, it’s called “The Fame” and it’s Tyga’s next single. I’m also just worked with Oak for Britney Spears’ new album, hopefully that made it. And next I’m on tour in Australia. Yeah!”

Get familiar with Wynter on her site and peep some our favorite vids below. Her new ep, The First Dance, is available now. Play “Believer” on repeat, pour yourself champagne, dance in your underwear and pretend you are in Ibiza. It works for us on cold days.

top image: Mykwain Gainey

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