On Break From Barcelona

I haven’t written in a while due to a sudden change to my living status, which is absolutely temporary. A few weeks ago I decided to head back to the clear blue skies and traffic ridden highways  of Los Angeles just in time for Thanksgiving. Turkey day fell on the 25th and I found a beyond cheap ticket from Barcelona to LAX (with stops in Dublin and Philly in between) that afforded me a couple of weeks to spare before the Tryptophan marathon.

I didn’t tell friends until the day before via Facebook and I cringe just thinking about what terrible etiquette that was especially considering most have known the personal debate I’ve been having about whether to pack up and head back to the Obama-land where unemployment is just 10% instead of the whopping 20% it is in Spain.

I just couldn’t bare doing the excruciatingly long, drawn out ”despedida” (goodbye party) especially when I wasn’t sure what this trip meant. I knew I wasn’t going forever especially with the novio still firmly rooted in BCN. On the other hand I also didn’t and still don’t know how long I will be here and didn’t feel inclined to explain the mixed feelings of my departure. I chocked it up to an extended holiday with the family. Christmas 2010 is actually my family’s turn to have me home and the novio was suppose to be here with me too.  Anyone who is married or has a significant other with in-laws that reside elsewhere knows about negotiating holidays between the family factions. We’ve had to agree to just switch back and forth between countries, customs and families just to be fair. Sadly, the novio’s neck deep in a project that won’t let him leave the confines of BCN (Barcelona) and he may find himself celebrating the holy holiday in our casa without familia. Bah humbug!

But I couldn’t bare to miss my 4th Thanksgiving in a row in addition to Christmas knowing that I didn’t have any responsibilities to tend to such as a j-o-b. Furthermore job hunting in Spain is much like banging your head up against the wall—pointless and painful.  In comparison, in the 3.5 weeks since I have been here I’ve already had one job interview and two propositions to collaborate in interesting career-changing business opportunities. Say what? I’ve also applied to a bazillion jobs, which is always a very humbling process but it gives me hope to know that at least there is work.

Not sure what the holiday season will bring me or what this ”extended visit” could mean in the long run however so far I am glad I decided to take a break from Barcelona. This will also mean, I will be on a short hiatus from blogging but I will keep you posted on anything vital that links back to Barca life.

xo and happy holidays!

-Espana Fly

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