Bjork & Nick Knight Remember Alexander McQueen

At the memorial service for British designer Alexander McQueen, Björk debuted a poem/letter she wrote for the fallen star and covered the song “Gloomy Sunday.” McQueen stunned the fashion world by taking his own life in February of this year, nine days after the death of his mother, who dies from cancer. To further her tribute, Björk teamed up with fashion filmmaker Nick Knight to compose the soundtrack for Knight’s visual tribute called “To Lee, With Love, Nick.” The film features a beautiful blend of light, dance, and masterful styling McQueen’s legendary designs by Edward Enniful. Peep the full video and credits after the jump:

Direction: Nick Knight
Edit: Ruth Hogben
Performance: Ajak, Anais, Flaviana, Jeneil, Joan Smalls, Kinee, Quack, Rose, Sedene, Trissan
Music: Bjork
Styling: Edward Enninful
Hair: Martin Cullen
Make-Up: Inge Grognard
Manicure: Marian Newman
Director of Photography: Daniel Landin
Casting: Jess Hallett
Production: Gainsbury and Whiting
Production Design: Joseph Bennett


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