Canon’s Second Shot Gets Me Crying

I’ll weep at a movie or even a movie trailer however a commercial, no matter how magical it is, has never tugged at my tear ducts to cause me to cry until now. This new commercial by Canon isn’t groundbreaking or overly sappy like a Hallmark card but it did touch a soft spot. I am sure millions of people have seen it a million times over and yet haven’t been moved by it like I have apart from my ONE Barna-Bay Area friend that moved back to California after living 6 years in Barcelona.

The spot follows a couple to Barcelona as they try to find the cafe where one set of their parents took a photo decades ago when they first met. The photo, a simple snapshot, is aged and blurry making the details of the plaza where the cafe was located difficult to identify.  The viewers follow the couple on their hunt meanwhile capturing images of Barcelona like La Boqueria and the duo cycling through the cobblestone streets of Barrio Gotico on the unmistakable Bicing bikes. In the end, they of course discover the plaza and ask a stranger to recreate the photo with (drum roll) a Canon camera that has a new feature allowing photos to be taken in low light without flash and maintaining a sharp image.

Okay, written its sounds silly and at the end of the day its about selling yet another digital camera but A) the couple is real and B) the concept, which is part of a broader project by Canon titled ”Your Second Shot” is kind of cool, allowing real people to recapture a lost moment or in other words a crappy photo that didn’t turn out well the first time around.

Still not buying it? Fine, it must be me. These last weeks I’ve been a teeny wee bit sensitive longing for my novio and missing pieces of my Barcelona life that the slightest hint or silliest detail that reminds me of either causes my eyes to water. Mi familia, who aren’t the most cuddly of sorts thought it was sweet at first is starting to roll their eyes every time the commercial comes on. This is probably payback for all the times I giggled at the novio for his sensitivity to a well done commercial. He’s the only man I know that has cried at an ad on the tele selling mobile phone plans. Now I can’t laugh anymore. Maybe he’s had more of an affect on my than I thought.

Here’s to weeping at commercials! And here is another commercial that now would also probably make me shed a tear. See below for  Iberia Airline’s Anuncio Navidad 2009:

-Espana Fly

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