Community Radio Passes, Heathrow Opens Up, France Leaves Ivory Coast & More

“This legislation opens up radio spectrum to hundreds, if not thousands, of local independent radio stations (also known as LPFM). Its passing will bring new choices and voices on the radio dial nationwide, but is especially relevant to a broadcast area reaching 160 million people who lived in areas where these stations had previously been barred from local airwaves.”

In addition to passing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, Congress also passed the Community Radio act – giving power to local and independent radio stations across the nation. We all can be Petey Greene! {HuffPo}

Heathrow airport is working fast to get back to normal after heavy (read, NORMAL for New Yorkers) snow hit the region. Good luck London ladies! {G}

In the Ivory Coast, the post-election disputes are getting more dangerous as the French government has ordered it’s officials and nationals to return home. {BBC}

More live-fire drills are being held in South Korea today, further provoking a response by North Korea. Hopefully, this Christmas won’t be the start of another war. {CNN}

An in-depth look into the departure of Catherine Roitfeld from French Vogue. {WWD}

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