Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed, DREAM Dies, UK Snowmageddon, South Korea & The Dude Lives

Supporters of the “Dream Act” measure consoled each other Saturday after senators blocked it. (Drew Angerer/The New York Times)

Over the weekend, it was a win/lose situation for two hot American political topics. The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell mandate for the military was repealed, while the DREAM Act for children of immigrants was once again rejected. {WP} {CNN}

South Korea has further provoked North Korea by engaging it’s military in fire drills, moving the two countries one more step towards physical conflict. {NYT}

Funny how the UK thinks it’s in “Snowmageddon 2010!” while us New Yorkers collectively roll our eyes. Still, the snow has created a country-wide travel catastrophe. {Guardian}

Not to be outdone by Wikileaks, weather emergencies and impending international conflicts, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has problems too! Mainly with the United States and our choice of our future ambassador to the nation. {BBC}

While Tron did surprisingly well over the weekend in US box offices, I can’t be the only one who just Jeff Bridges will remain “The Dude” forever. {LAT}

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