Edwards Passes, Assange’s Insurance, Nigeria Vs. Cheney & More

Elizabeth Edwards, the embattled wife of Presidential hopeful Sen. John Edwards, died last night as she stopped cancer treatments. Rest In Peace. {WashPo}

More Wikileaks drama. Julian Assange’s “insurance file,” which has been circulating since July is back in the news since his recent arrest. So what’s in the file? Maybe we will see soon? {MSNBC}

So you get married. Go on honeymoon in South Africa. And then your new husband pays someone to kill you? {BBC}

Nigerian investigators have filed formal charges against former US Vice President Dick Cheney and other connected to Haliburton for bribery and other crimes. Let’s see how far this actually goes. {CNN}

Hmm, got berries? Eating purple/blue fruit can help fend off Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s! {Tele}

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