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Insults—They’re Always Better In Another Language

We pride ourselves on being ladies around these parts, but sometimes you just gotta drop a mean insult or f-bomb to make your point. So the next time you feel a “Sh&$ F&#)% #($&(%#” coming on, check out some of these phrases & insults from around the world that can help you get your point across. I’ve traveled around the world and heard a few of these, but I may have to go to South Africa to learn how to insult someone’s mom with panache. They may not make sense in English, but you’ll sound better than the average potty-mouth:

Εκαμεs τον μουτσιον επιστήμη!
Language: Greek/Cyriot
Translation: You’ve made masturbation a science.
Meaning: You’re really over-complicating something.

Jou ma is so besig om te naai, jy’s uit haar gat gebore.
Language: Afrikaans
Translation: Your mother engages in such copious amounts of intercourse that it necessitated your being born out of her anus, as her vagina was otherwise occupied.
Meaning: Your mom is a whore.

Mir doch wurscht
Language: German
Meaning: (A brush-off) I don’t care about any of the aspects you just brought up.

Suksi vittuun
Language: Finnish
Translation: Ski into a cunt.
Meaning: Go fuck yourself.

Está tratando de cagar mas alto de lo que le da el culo
Langauge: Spanish (South American)
Translation: He’s trying to shit higher than his ass can reach.
Meaning: Used to reference someone who’s trying to appear richer than he really is.

No te peines, que en la foto no salís
Language: Spanish (South American)
Translation: Don’t comb your hair, you’re not going to be in the picture.
Meaning: Don’t get too excited, this matter doesn’t concern you.

Hy sal die kak uit jou maag gesteel
Language: Afrikaans/Dutch
Translation: He’d steal the shit from your stomach.
Meaning: He’s really untrustworthy.

Pieprz siÄ™
Language: Polish
Translation: Go pepper yourself.
Meaning: Fuck off.

Language: Finnish
Translation: A comma fucker.
Meaning: Used about someone who corrects little or meaningless things.

Jou mammie naai vir bakstene om jou sissie se hoerhuis te bou
Language: Afrikaans
Translation: Your mother shags for bricks to build your sisters whorehouse.
Meaning: Both your mom AND your sister are whores.

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