No Longer Living Life In Paradise … No Fairy Tales

One sunny Saturday afternoon some friends and I were on an afternoon stroll on London’s Portobello Road when we ran across a huge tent where inside at least 80 to 100 little girls (and a few boys) sat as they watched The Princess and the Frog on an oversize projector screen. So we put our stroll on hold to join in on the festivities, after all—it is The Princess and the Frog.  Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale—even if we are over 30 years-old and well aware that all of it is one big joke.

But for a second I just wanted to stop the film and shake these poor little girls out of their starry-eyed fantasies.  It’s not real, girls. Don’t believe it. Save yourselves now … Before it’s too late! But then who am I to rain on their parade?  Every girl deserves a prince charming who will fall madly in love with her, sweep her off her feet and always be true. 

In time, they’ll figure out that the idea of a perfect relationship is impossible and after the disappointment fades, they will come to learn the complexities of being in a romantic relationship, appreciate it’s beauty and just deal.  But no matter what—these little girls will always treasure the faint memory of The Princess and the Frog (or Cinderella … or Snow White … or … ) and a deep desire that someday they too can live this fantasy. Even if their prince isn’t charming or rich—he may just be the homie who she’s secretly in love with or the boyfriend who just hasn’t been able to commit.

For some reason, some of us live in a state of constant delusion when it comes to relationships with men.

Rose colored glasses, flutes, harp players, dancing fairies and all. Whether it’s a conversation, a date or a planned trip away, so many of us have these ideas of how we want things to go. We play it out in our heads, the full scenario from start to finish and in our heads, and many times the story will end with us riding away in our own horse drawn carriage in one way or another.  The problem is, many times we haven’t shared this idea with the man in our lives. So when things don’t turn out as we have convinced ourselves it would, we are pissed at him, or pissed at ourselves for making up such kah-kah in the first place.

Oh, but we can’t help it. It’s not our fault!

Blame it on freaking Snow White and her seven dwarfs. Blame it on Walt freaking Disney who made a business of brainwashing us since we were two,  right? Well I’ve decided, when I have kids, and hopefully I’ll have at least one girl, she’s watching Transformers, Batman and GI Joe. I won’t put her through the misery of battling reality vs. delusion later in life. Am I wrong?

My story ends, as stories do. Reality steps into view. No longer living life in paradise.  No Fairy Tales (–Anita Baker, “Fairy Tales”)

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