Happy Birthday Pimp C! Love, Parlour

This morning, as I checked Twitter for the first time since December 24 (shout to my serious attempt to log off), I saw our own Uncle Bun B‘s tweet wishing the late Chad Butler, aka Pimp C, a happy birthday and we ladies at Parlour, who were raised on UGK, would like to raise a glass in agreement.

Since my first introduction to UGK outside of my Aunt’s Inglewood, Ca house thanks to my cousin (no Mack 10), I always thought the two gents comprising the Underground Kingz were interesting, especially as I matured and fashioned my own relationship with the group through their contribution to 1993’s Menace II Society soundtrack. “Pocket Full Of Stones” was on repeat until 1994 and I discovered Outkast’s debut LP and, thinking back, it’s probably safe to say that their slick rhymes and down home production thanks to Pimp prepped me for Andre 3000 and Big Boi, my favorite rap group of all time. Well, that and my exhaustion of Dr. Dre and that gang. And while Bun is the wise uncle who doles out advice, Pimp was the off-the-cuff elder who didn’t mince words. Remember when he told Jeezy off? Amazing. Anyway, hats off to one of hip-hop’s greats and we’re celebrating with a few choice cuts after the jump.



“Int’l Player’s Anthem” featuring Outkast

“The Game Belongs To Me” — the chorus of “Bobby by the pound and Whitney by the key” is hilarious.

“Pocket Full Of Stones”

“Front, Back & Side to Side”

“Let Me See It” — because I love anything that sounds like a strip club, makes for great writing music #dontjudgeme

And of course, “Big Pimpin’ “—which Bun told press he had to convince Pimp to do and the cut became one of the group’s biggest gallops across pop culture’s landscape.


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