Rick Ross Gets Nasty, Big Sean Goes Crazy & Wiz Teaches Us How To Roll

Even the prissiest of ladies rocked to “Nasty” when they first copped the Albert Anastasia mixtape, don’t front! Peep Rozay’s clip with Masspike Miles for the track below. Also, G.O.O.D Music’s Big (:/) Sean explains why this chick is nutso in his new video for “Crazy.” Haven’t we learned not to trust anyone you meet at Wet Willie’s? Meanwhile, our homie Wiz explains how he does what he does best…and we’re not talking about rapping. Oh, in a hot tub! Peep all the new clips after the jump:

Rick Ross & Masspike Miles | “Nasty” | Off The Albert Anastasia Mixtape

Big Sean | “Crazy” | Off The Finally Famous Vol.3 Mixtape

Wiz & His Hot-Tub Teaches You How To Roll

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