Wikileaks! A Guide To How We’ve Pissed The World Off

So after the release of over 250,000 sensitive cables to and from US Embassies all over the world including top-level position holders such as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the world is looking at the America and Wikileaks creator Julian Assange with the same “yeah right” expression since it seems almost all of our international business has been put on the street. While some countries have just shrugged it’s shoulders in indifference, others have been pretty vocal with their thoughts, the Guardian broke it down over the weekend. Basically, don’t travel to Russia right now ladies:

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave the sharpest response to the WikiLeaks cables in which he was protrayed as Batman to Dmitry Medvedev’s Robin. “Slander”, he called it. The embassy cables portray Russia as a corrupt kleptocracy where politicians and criminals were inextricably linked. Medvedev has said that the cables “show a full measure of cynicism” in US foreign policy making. But he suggested the leaks would not damage relations between Moscow and Washington. Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister, claimed to be surprised that “some petty thieves running around the Internet” are causing such a sensation. In reality, the cables have caused lasting damage in Russia, playing to the deep mistrust of US intentions that imbues Kremlin policy making.

Royal Dutch Shell said it was “absolutely untrue” that it had infiltrated every Nigerian ministry affecting its operations there. The company offered no further comment.

Muammar Gaddafi praised WikiLeaks for exposing US “hypocrisy.” The whistleblowing website has “proved America is not what it has led allies and friends to believe it to be.” There was no comment on threats against Britain if the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel-Basset al-Megrahi, died in prison in Scotland.

Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, has called on Hillary Clinton to resign in the wake of “all of this spying and delinquency in the State Department”.

“Look at how they treat the leaders of powerful countries,” Chavez told state TV channel Telesur, describing the cables as proof of the “dirty war of Yankee embassies in the whole world”.

“Look how they are mistreating this great friend of ours, Vladimir Putin. What a lack of respect!”

See the rest of the international breakdown over at The Guardian.
Photo credit: Khalid Tanveer, Associated Press

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