Jay-Z Talks T.I., Kanye & Decoded, More Wikileaks, Obama Tax Deals & More

“You have to make smarter decisions, because you’ve grown up living your life a certain way. Most people grow up and just smoke weed. You just smoke weed and think, “OK, I’ll keep weed in my pocket.” Now that you’re a celebrity, it’s a whole different sort of thing. Celebrities need to be conscious and know who they are, because the same choices they made as a civilian will cost them years as a celebrity.”

Jay-Z speaks on T.I., Kanye and his new book, Decoded. {CST}

It was inevitable. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has been arrested in London in connection with sexual-related offenses which may/may have not occurred in Sweden. {NYT}

Congratulations to Big K.R.I.T. for making the ‘The 40 Best Albums of 2010’ list from SPIN.com! {SPIN}

President Obama made a tax-deal yesterday which extended Bush-era practices and as expected, no one is happy about it. {WashPo}

Bernadette Quirk of Mereseyside (UK) gave birth to three stillborn children, and then hid them in her home. Ewwwww. {BBC}

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