New Year Part One: Year in Review

I must say 2010 was definitely an eye opener for me. From starting off the year seeking shelter from bombs attacking my base to dancing the night away in disguise, the year has been a roller coaster of thrills and excitement.

In 2010, I was in the mountains of Afghanistan from February to November.  It was a year of professional development, networking, self-assessment…I can go on and on. I thank God everyday I never had to use my M-16 because I was never in close contact with the enemy. I am grateful that we never experienced a road side bomb when I was on the road or enemy fire when I was in the sky. I met American, Canadian, Korean, British and other coalition troops from all walks of life in Afghanistan serving the same purpose, to help the local people. I shook hands with so many Afghan men, women and children who want a better life for themselves and their homeland. This is what we are trying to give to them. In contrast, I also understood that when you feel that someone is “invading” your turf, you will fight by any means necessary to protect it. Now I am in no way defending or supporting the enemy insurgents reasoning, but if people came to America and wanted to take away football and hot dogs and post office holidays, don’t you think there would be a problem?  I’m just saying. I believe we are making progress but we will be facing resistance for a while to get the results we strive for.

As for me, I’ve done my part…twice.  I interacted with the local Afghan media, influencing them to give the honest story of what’s going on, and myself as a journalist, have interviewed and documented what I witnessed, from the Afghan and soldier’s viewpoint. It’s been real Afghanistan, but I GOTTA GO.  I may be back in the future because I’m not getting out the military for another 12 years, so who knows where they will send me next, but that thought is far from my mind right now. I’m pressing forward.

Although I spent 90% of the year overseas, I did manage to have fun when I was American soil. During my two-week R&R in August I went to the west coast for the first time and I got bit by the Hollywood bug so I know I will going back there in the near future…as in NBA All Star Weekend next month near future. When I came back to America in November however, it wasn’t before long that I felt lost and helpless. I’ve been working as a supervisor and freelance journalist for nine months and now I’m home…bored out my mind.

So I got out the house and visited friends from the D.C., Maryland, Virgina (DMV) area all the way down to Florida. They were either graduating and getting ready to move on to the next chapter of life; or friends that were married with children and dealing with the daily challenges of being a mother and wife. It was actually a refreshing trip. After all that I wanted to end the year off right in New York City.

The tickets to the Prince concert were a bit steep so I scaled back for New Year’s Eve. I went to a masquerade party in Brooklyn and it was the most fun I had on NYE in some tine. I usually sleep through midnight so being awake and out the house was new for me. I even went along with the theme and got a mask. I was “Kitty” for the night. The DJ was on point and the crowd was fab. College educated, fashionable youth is a great ambiance. Except for the two girls fighting at the end of the night, I did say I was in Brooklyn.

Well that was my year in review. Next time I will give you my reflections and what I learned from in 2010 and what I strive for in 2011.  Hope you Parlouristas brought in the new year right and have a safe and prosperous new year!

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