Bilal’s “Levels”: New Video

The video for Bilal’s “Levels” is here, and it’s just what you would expect after listening to the track. With Steve Ellison, aka Flying Lotus (yes!) making his directorial debut, Bilal, along with Erykah Badu, Shafiq Husayn and Thurdercat round out Ellison’s vision. Steve explains the concept:

“I originally wanted to keep visual themes with another video from my last LP called ‘mmhmm’ off of my last album.  It featured Thundercat as an intergalactic bass player in a super strange world created by ‘Special Problems’.  Since Thundercat was part of this song, I thought it could be fun to continue the visual style and feel of this space opera.  In the end you have this crazy video made of so much mixed media, geek dreams and lots of love.”

Geek dreams and love – we support that.


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