Erykah Badu’s ‘Didn’t Cha Know’: Good (Video) Morning

This morning, I’m still feeling my growing pains, so this selector needs a bit of Erykah Badu’s ‘Didn’t Cha Know.’ Shout to J.Cole.

This Texas girl, crazy as she may seem, is my favorite of the (neo?) soul sisters. And while, Sherry will no doubt pick Jill Scott and Shannon would probably go vintage with Nina Simone or her undying love for Sia, Erykah’s weirdness suits me just fine. This song specifically takes me back to Granada, Spain. I spent Christmas there some years ago, mistakenly thinking that it would be so much warmer than England. It wasn’t, but the town located in the south of Spain was at least sunnier. Either way, between stores like Mango, Women’s Secret (akin to Victoria’s Secret), insane amounts of paella and everyone thinking I was Moroccan, “Didn’t Cha Know” will always remind me of finding my path in life. Realizing that humanity existed outside of California, my home state, and even the country of my birth, England. If one’s brave enough to leave the comfort of home, such amazing things can happen, you just have to have open to whatever may come.

And here’s one of my favorite quotes from Badu, when I interviewed her a few years ago about her magic with men, but really just people.

“I learned just as much from them as they learned from me. I’m a cold mu’fucka though. But the people I’m with are cold too, they’re a reflection of that. Become a cold m’fucka and the mu’fuckas will just come like magnets.”

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