Four Resolutions Not To Keep

With this week being the first week of the year, I have been avoiding two things: the gym & making resolutions. Expect to see everybody you don’t want to run into at the gym for the next 2-3 weeks before they all realize that the Giselle/Tom Brady body they are looking for can’t be achieved in a month, all should return normal in February. As for resolutions, I have a few but they are more like “things I need to do for myself so I don’t die at 40” so more on those later. With that, there are still some things in life that should not be carried over from 2010:

1. Bout2Doing
A good plan is the key to great success, we can all agree. But when you are always thinking/planning and never doing that is a problem. Don’t get bogged down with the outrageous plans of someone in your life that is a lifelong member of the Bout2Do tribe of Africa. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Sometimes the first step is not thinking, but doing. We all have that friend that is “about to do this” or “waiting on XXX so he/she can XXX.” Meanwhile, your goals and dreams are being ignored. Focus and go! Your like-minded chicas will fall right in line.

2. Video Trailering
Are you an artist that just shot a dope video? Congratulations! Unless the video is a Michael Jackson-esque mini movie or longer than 6 minutes…we don’t need the trailer. Sure, it’s a great marketing tool, but stills from the shoot will do…especially when the trailer turns up to be doper that the actual video. Behind the scenes? Sure why not! Trailers? Dead. *cough*Ciara*Gimme Dat*cough*

3. Email Signature Overloading
I have over 4 active email accounts, so this is a little personal. Your name, email, tele, etc…all of the pertinent stuff is fine. But no one needs to know your three favorite 4-line quotes from Octavia Butler, Proust, Biggie, etc.. When your signature is an email in itself, it turns into a scrolling nightmare for the rest of us and we will secretly hate you. Really.

4. Twitter Twatting
We all love twitter. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s better than Google in many instances. It’s also a field-day for over-sharers and narcissists. Someone complimented you? Great! Say thank you. Were you asked a question? Go and reply! But do you need to RT everything? Not really. Also, if you can’t say it in real life to someone…don’t say it on twitter. We are all guilty of this. These days 140 characters can get you a nice real-life kick in the arse. Word to M.I.A.

Of course there are more, these have been floating around in Parlour land for some time. Add yours below in the comments, Happy New Year ladies!

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