Gucci Mane’s New Tattoo … On His Face

OK America, it’s too much. The face tattoos must stop NOW.

Last night, while I was still working on the Interwebs, I saw the image above over at Karen Civil‘s. Really Gucci Mane? A tattoo … of an ice cream cone … on your face? I’m a fan of tattoos, hell, so is Shannon. She has one of the flyest phoenix tatts I’ve ever seen — move over Kelis — but she doesn’t have an dessert shooting lightening bolts out of her cheek. What are you going to look like when you’re 85 years old, Gucci? It’ll be the saggiest Sunday treat anyone’s ever seen and no one wants that homie.


I showed Radric Davis’ picture to my girl and she said ‘Maybe there should be a finishing school for rappers with new money.’ I agreed, like the one Berry Gordy ran at Motown, where the Diana and the Supremes probably had to walk around with stacks of books on their heads. Of course, I said, there’s already Wendy Day to teach folks how to avoid getting screwed by their record label contracts. But maybe that’s not enough.

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