Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!

Please take this day to rejoice, and think about how MLK’s efforts have opened doors in your life. Sometimes, I know for me at least, the Civil Rights leader’s legacy is so big that it’s difficult to see how it relates to your everyday struggle. But honestly, just things like riding the subway in New York and sitting wherever I want, eating at whatever restaurant I enjoy, watching my cousin run for City Council in Inglewood, Ca … being the editor of a website dedicated solely to women of color around the world …  this is all because Dr. King fought with everything he had for you and I to be able to be amazing and successful. So while you’re curled up on the couch watching TV or catching up on extra work like me, remember that Dr. King’s memory is bigger than that annual tired McDonald’s commercial  with the candles. He’s an inspiration for all of us and we must do our part to be better and uphold his legacy.

It’s time to work, ladies.

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