Jessie J Live at Scala in London: Watch It!

Photo by Andy Sheppard, via DrownedinSound.com

Last night I had the pleasure of finally checking out a live Jessie J show at Scala here in London. If you remember, we posted a few of her videos last year—one of which she sang her song “Mamma Knows Best” on her bedroom floor. Well, this was not her bedroom and it wasn’t a studio either, but the stage, where she truly knows how to hold court. You may have heard her single “Do it Like a Dude,” which sounds like it’s slightly engineered courtesy of a little auto-tune magic, but don’t let that fool you, this chick can sing-like goose bumps down your spine sing. Couple that with a witty sense of humor, great style and a humble personality, I’d say she definitely has the makings of a global star.

I felt like I was watching history in the making.  Although I am late to the party here, the entire crowd at this sold out concert knew the words to every song and cheered for her as though we were watching Alicia Keys.

Here are a few snippets from last night’s performance:

Big White Room (which was recorded live for her album)

Price Tag featuring Devlin

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