The Kid Daytona’s On The Hill, Tabi Bonney’s Postcard from Abroad & Sy Smith’s “Lovergirl” Tribute to Teena Marie

Bronx-bred The Kid Daytona has been making his rounds lately, with a flow that matches his sartorial taste. Watch his latest visual for “On The Hill” below. It’s a part of his Interlude project with LRG and was filmed while the brand was shooting their Spring 2011 ad campaign in Washington. Check the video plus Tabi Bonney’s latest mixtape and Sy Smith’s musical tribute to the late Teena Marie after the jump:

Hey look it’s Tabi! On a boat! Alongside Wale and Phil Ade, Tabi Bonney keeps us looking forward to what is coming out of the DMV area. For his latest mixtape, he teamed up with Smiles Davis, plus Gaga, Ghandi, and Barack Obama to bring us Postcard from Abroad. Grab it here.

Indie-soul maven Sy Smith and producer Mark de Clive-Lowe collaborated to bring us this cover of the late Teena Marie’s classic “Lovergirl,” early this year. A great track in celebration of a legend:

Sy says:
“Mark e-mailed me this track as I was in the studio recording a tune with Rahsaan Patterson. The date was 12/29, just 3 days after Teena Marie passed away. I went back and forth between listening to this track on my headphones and listening to Rahsaan as he laid vocals…I was immediately drawn to the sentimental mood of the guitar line, it sounded like the track itself was recalling some fond memory. Rah and I had just had a long conversation about the loss of Teena Marie and how bad she was, how relevant she remained, how her phrasing and songwriting was so top-notch… We recalled the phrasing of “Lovergirl”, esp the vamp “Coffee, tea, or me…” bit. So when I heard Mark’s track, and Rah was already gone, and I was all alone in the studio with the lights barely on, I began singing that phrase from “Lovergirl”. I couldn’t believe how perfectly it seemed to settle into the track. I knew right away that this is what I’d record – a humble tribute to one of my favorite recording artists ever, Lady T.”

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