MAC Goes Big For Wonder Woman

We like to think of ourselves and our fab readers as superheroes, and it looks like MAC Cosmetics is launching a new specialty line made just for us. This spring the company is debuting a color collection and cosmetic accessories inspired by legendary comic book character, and they are doing it big—literally. According to WWD:

“An oversize person called for oversize products, said Gager. “Since Wonder Woman has this amazing strength, we decided that the products in the collection should be larger than anything we do; from the size of the compacts to the jumbo blush,” said Gager, pointing to jumbo Lipglasses for $19.50, larger-than-normal blush duos for $24 and a $20 purse mirror rivaling the size of a bread plate. The cosmetics, for the most part, bring to mind an early Seventies look — a very nude contoured face with a hint of Pop-Art color, said Jennifer Balbier, senior vice president of product development for MAC Worldwide. As with all of MAC’s collections, the 42 stockkeeping units — which range in price from $14 for false lashes to $49.50 for a brush set with its own metallic utility belt, leaving one’s hands free for those bullet-deflecting bracelets — include a mix of new and re-promoted products, including lipsticks, mascaras, nail polishes and eyeliners. One of the re-promoted products is the lipstick which another powerful woman made famous in the early Nineties: Russian Red, the matte cherry color that was long Madonna’s trademark.”

Expect the products to hit stores nation wide next month and globally in March. After purchasing, expect me to do a Lynda Carter spin…in the store, she would be proud.

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