Michelle Obama’s Chinese State Dinner Look: Morning Swoon

Last night, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle welcomed Chinese President Hu Jintao with a state dinner in honor of China, the first for the country in 13 years. Our fab first lady rocked red, the Chinese color of happiness and prosperity with her Alexander McQueen gown, accented by a black shawl—since the sight of her legs is a national debate, the shawl was a safe bet. Barack was stylish as always, and Jintao just said “ok” and rocked a blue tie. A blue tie. My guess is when your country’s support is a key factor in most of the world’s economy…you can basically rock sweatpants to a state dinner and no one will dare to care.

Images like this inspire me to always take it up a notch when I step out on cold/slow mornings like these in New York. Adding a pop of color, or adding colorful layers instead of that bulky black sweater can not only brighten your day, but your mood. Whatever it is—enjoy!

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