Nikko Gray, Nice & Steady

There are some singers that have a slow burn, and others that you instantly grab on to. In the same way that Jessie J, Mellie, Sia and Adele managed to capture our attention at first note, British singer Nikko Gray has basically invaded our weekend groove—slowly. Born in London, Nikko grew up all over the U.K, the Netherlands, and has settled down for now in Los Angeles. Last spring, she quietly dropped her 8-track debut, Love Seen (with my jam “Love Shield”), and her new single “Beautiful You Are” was a nice new year’s treats for her growing international fan base. Labeled often as neo/alt-soul, soul or r&b, Gray sees her sound as something more: “I think I see myself in slightly broader terms. I like to say I make LOVE Music. There is no Box for LOVE, only infinite possibilities. I feel like there are so many sounds that I am influenced by and that I feel I’m able to create, that if I had a specific genre attached to my Art it would limit me. Of course there is a lot of soul in my sound, that’s where the sound comes from. I suppose people can call it whatever they wish to call it. It’s all open to interpretation.”

Like Muhsinah, Quadron, J*Davey, and Little Dragon? I suggest you keep up with Nikko Gray in 2011.

Check out Love Seen & more below:

Nikko Gray Website

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