Where Do You Keep Your Condoms?

Forget what will.i.am and other neanderthals like him have to say about a woman who comes equipped with her own condoms – it’s 2012 and the smart, sassy, sexy women out there know that having our own protection on deck is one of the many ways we control of our health and lives. The conversation is no longer whether you should have condoms, but rather which kind and where do you keep them? I was pondering the latter question as moved into a new apartment and unpacked the old zippered pouch I had been using for years to store all kinds of sex-related goodies. It’s definitely time for an upgrade. I turned to social media to find out what other ladies were using. Here’s what I heard:

  •  Goodie drawer in the nightstand
  •  nightstand in a special pouch
  •  now: slightly more discreetly, in the jewelry/hair accessories box
  •  medicine cabinet and in underwear drawer. The whole idea is to have them available almost anywhere in the house to promote safe spontaneous sex
  • Purse zipper pocket

All good answers but there are some important factors to consider. Not only do you want your condom spot to be convenient to aid in spontaneity as one Twitterista mentioned, but your condom place should be safe, too.  While condoms provide some of the most effective protection against STDs and unintended pregnancy when used correctly and consistently, human error in storing, handling, putting them on, and removing condoms can reduce overall effectiveness. Here are a few key points to remember about keeping your condoms safe:

  • Long exposure to air, heat, and light makes condoms more likely to break but condoms can usually last four years if kept in their original, sealed packaging in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • Always check the expiration dates to be sure they’re still good and toss out old ones.
  • Don’t carry it in a wallet or pocket unless you plan on using it that night. Friction caused by opening and closing a wallet or from walking may cause tiny holes in the condom — not big enough to see, but just big enough for unwanted cells to pass through.

So I need my condoms to be stored safely and easy to access but I’d also like them to be kept in a mature and sexy container befitting their purpose. Alas, my search continues, but how do you keep your jimmies safe and nearby? Inquiring minds (mine) want to know!

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