Steelers & Packers Go Super, Tunisia Turns Off TV, Kalimba’s Bad Year, Brasil’s Floods & More

If you live in NY, it’s a hard Monday. Our hometown NY Jets loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, who are now going to meet the Green Bay Packers in Texas for the Superbowl. Womp. {LAT}

After the suicide of a fruit vendor sparked a nationwide revolt and the removal of it’s leader, Tunisia’s interim government moves to shut down the countries most popular, and private television network, sparking suspicion that nothing may really change. {NYT}

In Mexico, pop singer Kalimba was first arrested and deported on immigration charges and now has been arrested and detained in connection to allegedly raping a teenage girl. Yeah, thanks for reppin’ Black Mexicans everywhere dude. {GP}

In Brasil, the death toll due to landslides and flooding has reached 800. {BBC}

Napster founder and Facebook founding president Sean Parker says that The Social Network is fiction? Or is he just mad he wasn’t invited to the Golden Globes? {CNN}

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